The state of Virginia offers several good options for people who have an interest in becoming a certified pharmacist or a pharmacy technician.

Virginia has four different schools that have colleges of pharmacy or pharmacy programs: Hampton University, Shenandoah University, Appalachian College of Pharmacy and Virginia Commonwealth University.

All four of these schools offer very fine programs that have a wide following and a good reputation, but Virginia Commonwealth University offers the pharmacy program that many consider to be not only the best available in the state but one of the best programs in all of the country. The college is continually ranked near the top twenty pharmacy programs in the country.

For those who may be interested in becoming a pharmacist in the state of Virginia, it is good to know that the state is right at the average salary for a pharmacist in the country. The most recent surveys show that average salary for a pharmacist in Virginia is $109,000.00, which is the national average salary for that position. Of course there are incidences where the salary will be higher or lower based on the type of job, the company doing the hiring and the experience of the individual who is holding the job.