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How much do pharmacists make? [infographic]

Pharmacist career growth trends Before diving into discussions regarding how much do pharmacists make, it’s important to take a step back and look at the career growth trends in the pharmacy profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 10,000...

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What Are The Easiest Pharmacy Schools To Get Into?

More and more pharmacists are required in the US to cater to the healthcare needs of the Baby Boom generation who are aging rapidly. The increase in pharmacy courses has unfortunately resulted in many colleges lowering their standards.  This is good for people who...

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Pharmacist Job Outlook: Finding a Job After Pharmacy School

The Pharmacist Job Outlook has been miscommunicated, to say the least. When prospective pharmacy students search for descriptions of a pharmacist job, they often find outdated and misleading information. To add to that, there are many online sources citing a “bleak”...

How to Prepare for Pharmacy School: A Step-by-Step Guide

Students who know how to prepare for pharmacy school are more likely to be informed and prepared for the application and schooling process, ultimately leading to greater success after school. As a high school student considering a career in pharmacy, the task of...

How to Pay for Pharmacy School? 10 Top Tips

Students who figured out how to pay for pharmacy school early on ended up on the right side of the financial equation. Pharmacy school can be costly, however there are many ways prospective students can consider as a way to pay for school. 1. Financial Aid Financial...

Welcome To Your Pharmacy School Resource

I put this site together to assist students, and their parents, in selecting a pharmacy school that fits their requirements. We’ve listed all the pharmacy schools in America by state and on each school’s page you’ll find a link to their faculty website. But let’s start with some basic information on pharmacy and the courses required to become a fully qualified pharmacist . . .

What does a Pharmacist do?

A pharmacist fills prescriptions, as well as verifies prescriptions from physicians to ensure that the patient is given the right medication and the right amount of that medication. Pharmacists will also inform the patient of how the medication should be taken and of any potential side effects associated with that medication.

Not all pharmacists work in retail stores. In fact, some pharmacists work in hospitals and other health care environments. Pharmacists that do, work unusual hours.

Why become a pharmacist?

Becoming pharmacists offers you a lot in the way of job security. This is because pharmacists are awarded what is called a Pharm.D., which is a doctorate in the field of pharmacy. This is a professional degree and is a job that is still in high demand. Also, the salary is very competitive. As of 2014, the average annual salary for a pharmacist is $121,570. Also, the field of pharmacy is a growing occupation. In fact, the number of jobs is expected to grow 25 – 30% between the year 2015 and 2025, this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How do I become a pharmacist?

Well, becoming a pharmacist is not an easy task. That you already know. In fact, it is a pretty difficult one. Before you can apply to a school of pharmacy, you must complete the prerequisite coursework required by the pharmacy school that you are applying to. This coursework has an emphasis on math and sciences, specifically chemistry, human anatomy and calculus. In order to be competitive when applying for pharmacy school, it is a good idea to aim for at least a 3.5 grade point average in all prerequisite coursework.

Once accepted to a school of pharmacy, it is a 4-year journey, with one year of rotation, or residency. Once you finish and receive your Pharm. D., you must get licensed in order to practice pharmacy in your respective state. Pharmacists have to complete two different exams to become licensed. One of the exams is pharmacy knowledge, while the other focuses primarily on pharmacy law.

If you love to serve the community in your own little way you can become a Pharmacist. This profession is also among the most respected in the locality. Much more if you have the capital to put up your own pharmacy store where you can start serving the people’s need for good medicine at reasonable prices.

Pharmacy schools in the US, Europe and other developed countries of the world are among the sought after schools by students who have the feeling of a Samaritan to serve and not to be served. Thousands of students’ parents also want their children enroll in Pharmacy schools because they have also seen the business potential in the medicine business in all parts of the globe. Almost all pharmacy graduates dream is to establish their own pharmacy business because they do not only earn a living but the will to serve the people in the communities is already part of their mission and goals as practicing pharmacists. The multi-billion healthcare industry needs more effective medicines sold at very affordable prices.

Due to modern discoveries of man many pharmaceuticals also have developed changes in their business as well as profession of being a pharmacist. But despite of the ten-fold new developments in progressive nations in the pharmaceutical industry, still many people are bleeding their pockets due to high cost of buying medicine. The pharmaceutical industry has continued to play a deaf ear into the spiraling prices of medicine where many families could not afford it.

In another development, many countries of the world already offers online pharmacy schools to fast track the needed education among pharmacy students. Online pharmacy schools are usually offered in top pharmacy schools in developed countries. This is because few decades already the traditional pharmacy education which is concentrated only on dispensing and compounding medicines has already evolved into a more dynamic study including management of healthcare professionals and drugs. Top pharmacy schools in the US is given the needed expertise to properly handle the advance education for new pharmacy professionals as well to effectively involve them into the mainstream of society where their genuine and professional involvement is basically needed.

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