South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy is located in Brookings, South Dakota. The College of Pharmacy has been in existence at the university since 2007 and provides a state-of-the-art facility at the Avera Health and Science Center that includes classroom space, lecture halls, laboratory facilities, office space and a resource center for students, giving wonderful facilities that are perfect for a high quality learning environment when working towards a degree. The College of Pharmacy teaches a patient-centered approach in order for pharmacists to provide a high level of care.

The College of Pharmacy at South Dakota State university offers programs that leads to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree as well as a Ph.D. program in Pharmaceutical Sciences for those who might be interested in an academic or pharmaceutical industry career for themselves. Tuition at the school for an in-state resident is $17,065.20 per year during the first three years of school and then $23,382.00 for the fourth year. Out-of-state residents pay a tuition of $25,449.00 for the first three years and then $35,958.00 for the fourth year of school. Residents of Minnesota, a close neighbor of South Dakota, can attend the school for slightly lower rates than those of other out-of-state locations. The school provides classes and programs highlighting the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Administration of pharmacy business and practical experience in the community.