The state of South Dakota has just one college that offers a program and degree in pharmacy studies. South Dakota State University is the only school in the state to provide a pharmacy program. The school has quickly become recognized as one of the best pharmacy programs and schools in the country and has worked hard not just to establish a strong reputation but to provide students with the high quality education they need in order to be productive members of the pharmacy field.

On average, pharmacists in South Dakota have salaries below many of the other states in the country. In 2013, the average salary for a pharmacist in South Dakota was $83,000 per year. This figure is well below the national average for pharmacists, but does not take into consideration the cost of living in South Dakota, the more rural nature of the state, jobs available, experience, the companies providing work and so on, all of which can be factors that help to determine the salary range in the state. There are likely to be some salaries that are higher while others may be lower, giving the average its number.