What does a pharmacist do? – 6 ways they are important for our community

When you visit a health facility to seek medical attention, there are a number of professionals you encounter. The physician, the laboratory technician and the pharmacist are the main people that serve you before you can be released home if you receive an outpatient treatment.

With the main focus being on the person who issues you with the drugs recommended by the doctor, what does a pharmacist do? There are quite a number of reasons we need pharmacists, but lets talk about a few of the most important.

What does a pharmacist do infographic. The 6 top things a pharmacist does in everyday life.

1. Prepare or supervise the dispensing of medicines

Doctors and nurses have a difficult job attending to the multiple demands of a patient. Sometimes there are errors with prescription amount or even dosage.

A physician acts as a second barrier to this process, They are not distracted by the requests of a patient and purely focus on the medicine. This protects the patient as well as the doctors and nurses.

2. Advise patients on how medicine should be taken

Over the counter medication can still be dangerous if taken incorrectly. A pharmacist is trained to have knowledge over a huge range of common over the counter products.

Everyday they recommend dosage to a patient that will specifically help their condition. They will also inform you if there is side affects with other medication you are using.

A little known thing about what does pharmacists does is that they can recommend products for stocking emergency first aid and sickroom supplies equipment for your home, business or school.

3.  Advise on Government Controls and Regulations

Most medicine has government restrictions on them. Some you can only purchase in certain doses and some you can only purchase if you have been proven with a certain condition.

A pharmacist is also trained to advise you on regulations concerning the manufacture and supply of medicines.

4. Public healthcare education

What does a pharmacist do in our community? Whenever there are public healthcare sessions and workshops, the pharmacist is one first of the healthcare practitioners to be called upon to educate the public on health matters.

They participate in walks and runs like in cancer and diabetes campaigns for the betterment of disease eradication and creating public awareness.

5. What Does a Pharmacist do for Patient Education?

Upon getting diagnosed by the physician, the patient is in most cases sent to the pharmacy, where they get their recommended medication. It is the pharmacists who give counsel to the patient on how to use the prescribed, drugs, when to do so, and the things to avoid when taking the drugs.

They provide them with additional information so that the patient understands the importance of adhering to the dosage instructions and when to seize usage and report back for more intervention.

Without this important professional, drug administration can be a bit challenging, since other medical personnel may not be in a position to understand the subject better, let alone afford the time to take up those tasks.

6. Pharmaceutical Stores Are Important

Having a throbbing migraine at the middle of the night can never be worse if you have to go all along to the long distanced medical facility with the same feeling. If there is a pharmaceutical store near you however, the pain may be less tormenting by the time you get to the hospital. What does a pharmacist do to help in your time of need?

The problem is that some of the attendants at these drug stores are ill trained or half baked and this creates a potential health hazard. Despite the fact that most of them are inspected by health organs in your area, there are still slight chances of finding the operating illegally.

However, it makes healthcare provision quite sustainable when reputable drug stores operated by certified pharmacists are located near us.

 So there you have it. 6 things on what does a pharmacist do. Thinking of becoming a pharmacist? Why not check out the easiest pharmacy schools to get into.