New York seems to be the perfect place to study and become a pharmacist. Practically, the state can brag with not less than seven different pharmacy schools. Each of them is accredited. They train more than 100,000 students altogether. Therefore, the demand for such a career is obviously high enough in the state, hence the thousands of applications coming every year.

Six out of seven pharmacy schools in New York are private. The University of Buffalo is the only public institution.

Two of the private schools also have religious affiliations. The St. John’s University is associated with the Vincentian Catholic Church, while the Touro College of Pharmacy-New York has Jewish affiliations.

The large number of pharmacy schools and students is also given by the huge average salary for a pharmacist – $132,000. It is far above the national average. The minimum salary floats around $95,000, while the maximum limit goes up to $308,000. It normally depends on the position. Acute pharmacists, for example, are very well paid. On the other hand, oncology pharmacists make the average salary, while Esep MP OC pharmacists rarely get over $100,000 a year. At the same time, the employer is also a very important factor.