While privately owned and nonprofit, the University of New England hosts one of the two pharmacy schools in Maine. It is established in Portland, where it also owns a 40 acre wide campus. The university has two more campuses in Maine, as well as a third one in Tangier, Morocco. They are not related to pharmacy though.

The university was established in 1939. Back then, it had religious purposes. It was previously known as College Seraphique and the St. Francis College.

The tuition costs depend on the program and accommodation. The costs for on site accommodation and undergraduate programs float around $46,000, while students who benefit from off campus accommodation will pay around $33,000. On the other hand, graduate programs range between $30,000 and $69,000. There are also some extra fees that may apply.

While the costs are relatively higher compared to other pharmacy schools, the reputation is just as high, so the graduates are guaranteed for quality education and a top notch career.

Finally, the programs are quite varied, yet there is only one for pharmacy aspirants – doctor of pharmacy. Other medical programs include nursing, dental hygiene or osteopathic medicine, among many others.

Website: http://www.une.edu/pharmacy/