The first question many students considering the field of pharmacy often ask is “how hard is pharmacy school?” This frequent question has no easy answer, as there are several factors to consider when thinking about the challenge of pharmacy school.

Here are some key factors to consider when looking at going to pharmacy school:

  1. Curriculum- Understand what your program has to offer

How hard is pharmacy school depends on each program’s unique way of teaching students.

Tell me more: Some programs use case examples to teach and test students, while others use multiple-choice exams and typical lectures.

A new kind of exam is emerging in the U.S. where students are put into role-play scenarios with actors and asked to put their skills into live action.

Why does this matter? Every student has his or her own unique learning style. If the way your program teaches doesn’t fit your style, it makes pharmacy school much harder.

Do your homework; know how you learn best and find a program that fits you.

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  1. Extra involvement: Make your time count

Classes and curriculum certainly contribute to how hard is pharmacy school, but there are also extracurricular activities to consider.

Tell me more: Your time spent in pharmacy school is an investment in your education and in yourself. Being involved in activities and organizations can really pay off down the road.old desk with pencils and clock. Writing on the desk that says how hard is pharmacy school.

However, involvement in organizations, particularly in leadership positions, can be incredibly time consuming.

So what should I do? Make sure you understand the expected level of commitment and know your limits. Over committing in extra involvement can lead to less time for studying and lower class attendance which make pharmacy school harder.

Anything else? As first-year students you are often encouraged to participate in many organizations to gain exposure to the most common practice areas of pharmacy.

These are great opportunities to begin learning what interests you. Learning your interest areas early on can help you decide what organizations to be involved in, what classes to take, and what jobs to seek out.

students working in a coffee shop during pharmacy school shows how hard pharmacy school is.

  1. Working Through School: Know what you are working for

Most pharmacy schools will encourage students to seek pharmacy technician positions so they can gain experience working in a pharmacy. Trust me, the experience really helps!

Tell me more: When it comes to how hard is pharmacy school?, jobs can make or break students. The opportunity to apply your learning in real-world situations is invaluable, however some employers can take advantage of student’s time and willingness to work.

Other students work and pay for school as they go to minimize student loans. Extra time spent at work means less time spent on school, making it that much harder.

What else?  Whatever your motivations are, keeping a job during school requires students to know what their priorities are and adjust commitments accordingly to be successful. Check this article out for the best jobs to have in college

using good time management will help you overcome hoar hard is pharmacy school

  1. Time Management Skills: Yes, these are actually useful

How hard is pharmacy school? Time management skills ultimately define this for students.

Tell me more:  Students who can effectively accomplish their tasks will have more time to be involved or hold jobs without falling behind in the academics portion of school.

Pharmacy school has so much to offer those who are able to manage their responsibilities efficiently.

How do I get better at managing my time? There are many exercises and tools students can use to manage their time. Some strategies include creating a schedule of study times, setting timers for breaks, and doing the most important tasks first while your brain is fresh.

There are so many ways to become effective time-managers; check out more suggestions from at  7 time management tips for students.

Students considering a career in pharmacy asking, how hard is pharmacy school? should not fear failure. As a broad and ever-developing medical profession, pharmacy is ripe for innovation and advancement requiring dedication and effort.

Success is fully within reach of those who pursue a career of their interest, and a career in pharmacy is an unmatched option.