Husson University is private and has a 200 acre wide suburban campus in Bangor. It is one of the three local universities and one of the two pharmacy schools in Maine. It is currently the largest physical university in the state.

Founded in 1898, the university was first established as the Shaw School of Business. It did not really have its own center, but only a floor in a tall building. Later on, the school became a college. It operates as a university since 2008.

The regular tuition cost for undergraduate programs is around $15,000. When it comes to graduate and professional programs, the tuition varies according to the number of hours. In order to become doctors of pharmacy, students must pay $890 per hour, while school or pastoral counseling aspirants must pay $531 per hour. The fees are not included, such as manuals or accommodation.

With several personalities graduating from this university, a huge size and plenty of programs, the Husson University is one of the most appreciated ones in Maine.

As for the programs, students have one option only – the doctor of pharmacy program. There are more programs offered by the university, but they are not related to pharmacy.