What does a Pharmacy Tech Salary Depend on?

As much as you may love your job, at some point we all work in return for something, financial gain being one of the most significant rewards from our day to day chores earning a living. On the same note, choosing a career path requires a little sneak peak of what the profession entails and most importantly, what you will be taking home as your earnings.

If you have chosen to specialize in a course program, such as BSPS, Pharm.D or any other related course to the line of pharmacy, it is important to ask yourself how much the salary of a pharmacy technician is and what the factors influencing the numbers are. This being the case, here are the three main factors to look at, which affect the amount you get from you pharmacy technician duties.

1. Level Of Experience And Education

Just like in most other career lines, entry level officials are generally paid a lower salary as compared to those wove been there for longer. This is because experience is the best teacher and of course it o quite rare to find an entry level technician giving better quality service and displaying skills and knowledge ,more that his experienced counterpart. It is highly advisable to focus on career growth even as you work as a pharmacy technician if you want to escalate the career ladder without frustration, since experience and education advancement go hand in hand when it comes to promotion and pay rise at the work place.

2. Type Of Health Facility / Employer

A pharmacy technician may either work in a federal government funded health institution or a private healthcare facility. In most cases, the former employer will pay slightly higher than the latter. However, this may vary depending on individual circumstances, with well established hospitals and research institutions paying better than newcomers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical research industry. Different private institutions will also pay slightly differently for the same position.

3. Location

The location where you render your services as a pharmacy technician will also greatly determine the amount you part with at the end of the day. Some of the best paying locations for this profession in the US include Oakland, San Jose, Napa, and other cities in California. It is important thus to conduct good research on where you want to work during your job search if looking for one.

The Average Earning Of A Pharmacy Technician

With location being a major determinant of what a pharmacy technician salary amounts to, the profession may not be regarded as the best paying in most regions, but one takes a considerable amount as they salary package. In the US for instance, a pharmaceutical technician earns somewhere between USD 10 and USD 12 an hour, translating to an average annual salary of approximately USD 30,000. However, the other determinants are also of great influence and could mean that one can ear slightly lower or higher than this amount.

The bottom line is that good research is key to getting a better deal.