When it comes to pharmacy education, Maine can provide its inhabitants with not more than two major schools – the Husson University and the University of New England.

While the state population is not the largest in the United States of America, the two universities gather together around 12,000 students. Moreover, the number of aspirants grows with every new year, since the respective institutions draw the attention of aspirants from other states as well.

Each pharmacy school has its own particularities. Husson University is older and dates since the nineteenth century, yet it has almost three times less students than the University of New England. Furthermore, it is worth noting that both institutions are private. With all these, University of New England is nonprofit. Since it has more students, it also employs four times more individuals.

The popularity of these pharmacy schools is given by the average pharmacist salary in Maine – around $96,600. It usually depends on the actual position. While ID Sml, acute and mail order pharmacists earn two times more than that, Esep MP and Esep MP OC pharmacists barely make $70,000. According to most statistics, it seems that pharmacists used to earn 20% more during the first semester of 2013.