For students who may be looking for opportunities for pharmacy schools in West Virginia, they’re in luck.

The state has three colleges that provide programs that can lead to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree or other degrees in the programs.

The three schools in West Virginia that have pharmacy schools are: University of Charleston, Marshall University and West Virginia University.

While all three are very fine schools with solid programs for students, West Virginia university has a pharmacy school that stands above the others in the state. West Virginia University is ranked among the top thirty pharmacy schools in the country today.

People who may be interested in becoming a pharmacist in West Virginia following their schooling and training may be interested to learn that the average salary for a pharmacist in the state is slightly below that national salary average for this position. In recent studies, the average salary for a pharmacist in West Virginia is $103,000.00 per year, just a shade below the national average for the country. This number varies throughout the state depending on the actual location in the state of the job, the years of experience of the individual, the position and the company providing the job and other mitigating factors that can effect the salary being higher or lower.