The state of Texas has many fine options for colleges and universities for those who may be seeking to become certified pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or work in the pharmacy industry. There are seven schools located in Texas that can provide degrees in pharmacy: Texas A & M Health Science Center, Texas Southern University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, University of Houston, University of the Incarnate World, University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Austin.

While all of the schools listed offer fine programs and quality educations, the University of Texas at Austin is known to have one of the finest pharmacy programs and schools in the country, ranking fourth overall in national rankings.

For those seeking to become pharmacists in the state of Texas, the average salary for a pharmacist in Texas is very near to the national salary average for that position. The average salary for a pharmacist in Texas is $106,000.00, just a hair below that of the national average. Of course, there are those who make more than the average or under the average, based on job experience, years in the industry, the company at which one holds a position and other influencing factors that can range the salary up or down.