The University of Rhode Island is the only school currently in the state offering a degree in pharmacy. The school is located in Kingston, Rhode Island and was founded in 1957. They are considered on of the top pharmacy schools in the nation and consistently rank in the top fifty among schools offering this program. The school prides itself on the diversity of its programs, students and staff who are all working towards the common goal of improving the life of people not just in the local community but in communities far and wide.

The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy currently offers three degree possibilities for students. There is a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science and a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) available from the school so students have options no matter what phase they may be at in their studies. There are also Ph.D. level degrees that are available in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Tuition for the program at the university is, for the Pharm.D. program, $12,450.00 for students that are in-state residents and $28,016.00 for those that are out-of-state residents. Classes in the Masters and Ph.D. programs area available at a cost of  $641.00 per credit hour for in-state residents and $1,311.00 for out of state residents.