The top 5 duties of a pharmacy technician.

When venturing into career education, it is important to understand the job description and the scope of responsibilities involved in the profession you want to become. The same case applies when you have just completed your pharmacy studies and you are looking for employment. With a focus on one of the most popular professions in the healthcare industry, it is important to seek to answer to the question, what are the duties of a pharmacy technician? This being the case, here are some of the day to day responsibilities of a certified pharmacist.

1. Preparation And Dispensation Of Medication

The most common duties of a pharmacy technician is dispensation of medication and labelling of pharmaceuticals. They also do the packaging and prescriptions for compounded medication. This healthcare professional has the knowledge to offer alternative medication, of the same strength and effects like the one indicated by the physician if need be. They are well trained to ensure dosage and recommended intake information is correct.

2. Interpretation Of The Physician’s Orders

This is the role most patients understand about a pharmacist’s job description. Once a patient gets tested, diagnosed and served at the consultation room, it is the work of the pharmacists to interpret and explain the physician’s orders to the patient for better understanding. If you’ve ever been treated at a hospital where you require buying medication elsewhere, you might have noted that it can be kind of tricky to decode the doctor’s writing, but it comes as easy as ABC to the pharmacist.

3. Monitoring Of Therapies

The duties of a pharmacy technician also offer control in medication as they monitor therapies based on a patient’s medical history and general health condition. They provide advice and to doctors and physicians regarding the medical compatibility of prescribed medication based on the patients earlier prescription. They also offer counsel to patients seeking medical attention, advising them appropriately as they make them understand the importance and meaning of dosage; answering any posed questions. In some cases, the professional may advice the physician otherwise regarding prescription based on their own findings.

4. Compliance With Medication Protocol

There is a standard code of ethics in almost the entire service industry, especially when it comes to healthcare and wellness. In the profession, there are various rules and regulations to be followed and complied with. There are also procedures to follow during preparation and dispensation of medication. It is a role of a reliable pharmacist, to ensure that they comply with protocol in order to promote safety and hygiene in their work stations and for their patients as well as their fellow technicians. They see to it that medications and pharmaceutical preparations are safely kept in their stores and well administered. A non compliant pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician may lose their license of practice, which may be accompanied by hefty fines to pay in certain circumstances.

5. Knowledge & Responsibility

The professional is also tasked with the responsibility of furthering not only their pharmaceutics knowledge, but also in general healthcare provision. Pharmacists attend healthcare seminars, workshops, and training sessions to further their skills and knowledge. They are also tasked with the role of relaying this knowledge to the rest of the staff in various departments in a hospital setting.

These are the top 5 duties of a pharmacy technician however there are many more day to day tasks you will be experiencing as you progress through your career