California is one of the most popular state’s  for those who wish to become a pharmacist.  There are eight pharmacy schools in California that offer a pharmacy school or college with an accredited PharmD degree program in pharmaceutical science.Pharmacy Schools in California. Californian famous bridge over the ocean

These eight universities are California Northstate University, Loma Linda University, Touro University California, University of California, San Diego, University of California, San Francisco, University of Southern California, University of the Pacific and the Western University of Health Sciences. Each enjoys a good reputation.

California North State University especially has a very rich and varied history and has produced a number of medical professionals. The other Universities too have done a very good job when it comes to education and importing the much essential and required medical knowledge to their students. Most people take up pharmacy as a career option either because it is out of their own personal interest or because of the money involved in this particular field of science.  Additionally when compared to the life of a Doctor, a Pharmacist has a far less stressful career whilst making comparable money.

An average pharmacist in California makes about 95,000 – 135,000 US Dollars per year and it is only expected to rise with time.  Entry level positions are in the ballpark of US$50,000.  Whilst a retail pharmacist in their own business could expect to be taking home upwards of US$250,000 / year.

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