Located in Princess Anne, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is the only pharmacy school in Maryland that provides access to education out of Baltimore. It is a public institution and has a rural campus that spreads over 1,100 acres.

The university was founded in 1886. It has five schools, while the pharmacy programs are some of the most hunted ones. The doctorate of pharmacy program has only been added in the fall of 2010, so it is relatively new.

The tuition costs for the doctorate of pharmacy program depend on the accommodation. Maryland residents will pay around $25,000 for the tuition, but the fees may take the price up to about $27,000. Basically, students must pay for recreational activities, student unions and other small fees. Those who do not live in Maryland will be charged around $50,000 for this program.

The statistics regarding the University of Maryland Eastern Shore are quite convincing. The graduation rate is close to 90%, while up to 18% of post graduates also receive further education, such as a fellowship or residency.

The doctorate of pharmacy program is the only one in Maryland that spreads over three years only because students do not have any vacations. It is split in two major courses.

Website: http://www.umes.edu/pharmacy/Default.aspx?id=12982