Pharmacy science teaches students about the science behind the drugs and medicines they will eventually dispense as pharmacists. There are 5 Pharmacy Schools in Florida.

Pharmacy Schools in Florida. Sign welcoming students to the state of Florida

They are the following:

The University of Florida has been ranked 7th in the country among other Pharmacy programs.

Palm Beach Atlantic University has been ranked 68, NSU 84, FAMU 86 and USF has been ranked 106.

The demand for pharmacists is growing and it is a very high paying job. The average salary of pharmacists in Florida is $116,079 annually. (HR Report – March 2014)

The salary range varies as per the job title like a Hospital Pharmacy Technician in Florida earns $28,000 annually whereas a Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor earns around $152,000 annually. Click through to learn more about Pharmacy Schools in Florida.