If you are looking for Pharmacy Schools in Puerto Rico. Pharmacy graduates are in great demand and have several career options open to them.Aerial view of Pharmacy Schools in Puerto Rico


The best among those colleges is the University of Puerto Rico – Medical Sciences School of Pharmacy. The various pharmacy programs offered by most of these colleges are PharmD, Pharm Practice and M.S. There is a huge demand for pharmacists in the country and students are opting for it as it provides to them high income after completion of the course. In Puerto Rico the job positions in the field of pharmacy like that of Clinical Pharmacists and Psychiatric, in terms of income is very high in relation to other job positions. Pharmacy jobs are growing and so is the demand for graduates, from 2010 to 2020 it is expected to increase by 25%. Pharmacy graduates are paid well in Puerto Rico. The lowest paid job was $28,000 annually while the highest paid job was $215,000 for Transplant Pharmacist. The higher your academic qualification in Pharmacy; the pay will be high accordingly. Study of Pharmacy is recommended for those who have passion to be pharmacist. Click through to learn more about the Pharmacy Schools in Puerto Rico.