There are 2 accredited pharmacy schools in Arizona that offer accredited degree programs for students wanting to study pharmaceutical science. These two colleges offer specialized course in pharmacy in the Arizona state and thus happen to be the dream college of many students all over the world.

These two universities are Mid Western University and the university of Arizona. Both of these universities have a very good reputation.

Mid Western University especially has a very rich and varied history and has produced quite a few famous medical professionals. The University of Arizona too has done a very good job when it comes to education and imparting the much essential and required medical knowledge to its students. Most people take up pharmacy as a career option either because it is out of their own personal interest or because of the money involved in this particular field of science. Often it happens to be a mixture.

While pharmacy is definitely a wonderful field of medical sciences, you will have to work hard in this career option to have an accomplished lifestyle. An average pharmacist in Arizona makes about 35,000 – 40,000 US Dollars per year. Click through to these 2 pharmacy schools in Arizona to learn more about their programs