With seven different pharmacy schools spread throughout the state, Pennsylvania is one of the leading states in pharmacy education. Five of these institutions are private, while one of them is public. The last university is somewhere in the middle. It is state related, but it is not public or private. Furthermore, one of the private institutions is nonprofit. While most pharmacy schools from Pennsylvania are built during the eighteenth century, a couple of them are recent and younger than a hundred years old.

At the same time, the University of Pittsburgh is one of the few schooling institutions established before 1800 in the United States of America. It has survived several fires and a few relocations as well.

The average salary for a pharmacist in Pennsylvania varies widely. When it comes to current job opportunities, it seems that the salary floats around $105,000 a year. But according to most statistics, it seems that the salary is somewhere around $42,000 a year. Transplant pharmacists are very well paid, while their salaries range between $183,000 and $215,000. On the other hand, outpatient pharmacy technicians and Esep MP OC pharmacists make $31,000 and $76,000. The position plays a very important role, as well as the actual employer and job location.