With two different pharmacy schools located in different parts of the state, Oregon is one of the main destinations for aspirant students due to the top reputation of these institutions. They gather together around 30,000 students on a yearly basis. One of them is public, while the other one is private. The public institution has ten times more students than the private one though.

The public school – the Oregon State University – provides over 200 different degrees in several domains.

While the Pacific University Oregon is less diversified, it draws some attention with the four different campuses. It is also older than the public school.

With two universities and a relatively high average salary for pharmacists, Oregon is a very good place to study and become a pharmacist. The yearly average salary is estimated at $104,000. However, according to most job positions available today, it seems that pharmacists can barely make $42,000 a year. Acute pharmacists make two times the average salary, as well as mail order pharmacists. On the other hand, transplant and clinical lead experts barely reach to the average salary. The position is a determinant factor in the salary, but the location may affect it as well.