Established in Forest Grove, the Pacific University Oregon is responsible for hosting the only private pharmacy school in Oregon. The university is privately owned and religiously affiliated to the United Church of Christ. It has 3,400 students and a high quality suburban campus.

The university opened its doors in 1849, while the pharmacy school showed up a little later. Other than that, the university schools are spread around Forest Grove. Therefore, the pharmacy school is not on site. Instead, it is located in Hillsboro.

Tuition costs go up to $43,932 for both residents and nonresidents. However, on site accommodation will cost $10,755. Students are free to find off site accommodation if they want to. Other fees range around $5,033, whether it comes to insurances or manuals. Financial aid is also available for students who cannot afford the fees.

The good professor-student ratio is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this school, as well as the high graduation rate and top notch education received.

As for the actual programs, the doctorate of pharmacy is the most rewarding one. Graduates can work in any field of pharmacy if they obtain it, but not without some pre-professional experience. Ph.D. and M.S. programs are offered too.