The North Dakota State University is located in Fargo and represents one of the leading schooling institutions in the state. It is responsible for almost 15,000 students. It is a public institution and hosts the one and only pharmacy school in the state.

The university was established in 1890, but the school of pharmacy came to life in 1902. It had five students during the first year. More than a century later, the small school has become a leading center of excellence. The school is a college since 2006.

According to some statistics, the tuition fees are about 10% lower compared to other pharmacy schools. They vary widely and are subject of change. On site accommodation will obviously increase the costs, not to mention about the selected program and other additional fees for books, transportation, insurances and others. Therefore, ask about these fees upfront.

The university is ranked one of the best and fastest evolving schooling institutions in the United States of America. Its history is clean and immaculate, while the professor-student ratio is 1:9 only.

The PharmD (doctor of pharmacy) is obviously the best ranked program. It is professional and guarantees for a glowing career. A few Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are also available in public health, telepharmacy and others.