North Dakota is home of one pharmacy school only. The respective institution is part of the North Dakota State University.

It represents the only accredited pharmacy school in the state. There are several other schools, but they are not accredited and recognized anywhere. The local university prepares around 15,000 students every year. It has no religious affiliations. Green and yellow are its representative colors, while the endowment goes up to $103 million.

Judging by the fact that there is only one pharmacy school in the area, most people would assume that the average salary for a pharmacist is way under the market. However, it is not. In fact, a pharmacist in North Dakota makes around $97,000 a year. The wages go up or down, depending on the location, employer and position. Overnight pharmacists make $99,000, while pediatric and transplant pharmacists make $112,000. Acute and mail order pharmacists are the best paid jobs – up to $226,000 a year. At the other end of the rope, Esep MP OC pharmacists can rarely get over $70,000. The average salary has dropped by around 20% over the past year. It experienced a severe drop down during the second semester of 2013. Today, it is slowly recovering.