Located in Buies Creek, the Campbell University is one of the smallest physical schooling institutions in the United States of America. It consists of six different schools. The pharmacy school is by far the most prestigious one.

Established in 1985, the university is relatively new. The current name of the pharmacy school was given in 2009. Fortunately for the students, the management moved very fast, so the pharmacy school is now fully accredited, as well as the other schools composing the Campbell University.

The tuition fees are around $10,200 per semester. Other than that, there are three semesters per year. Students should expect to pay more if they are nonresidents of North Carolina. They will also have to pay for services and manuals.

While the tuition costs may seem a little too high, the Campbell University has a very high rate of employment. Besides, students can benefit from multiple payment plans anyway. Even if it is still new, its reputation is impeccable.

The professional programs include dual degree, graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate training. The doctorate of pharmacy is the most important program, but the physician assistant and doctor of physical therapy programs are just as popular. Continuing education is possible too.

Website: http://www.campbell.edu/cphs/index.html