The University of New Mexico is one of the largest employers of the state. The pharmacy school is located in Albuquerque. It is ranked 47-th among all pharmacy schools in the world, so it draws the attention of thousands of aspirant students on a yearly basis.

The university was established in 1889. The pharmacy school came to life a few years later. Ever since that moment, it has adopted an ascending path. Today, it trains thousands of students and represents one of the most prestigious schools in the state. The school is public is fully accredited too.

The University of Mexico is known for changing tuition fees with every new year. Therefore, your best bet implies getting in touch with the representatives and inquiring about the fees for the respective year. Keep in mind that coming from a different state or getting on site accommodation will raise the costs, but do not forget about the additional fees associated with other services.

The University of New Mexico has a clean reputation, but just like any other university, it did have some negative happenings in the past too. Fortunately, the pharmacy school has never been involved.

Students have access to experiential, research, graduate and residency programs. They may also opt for post doctoral opportunities.