The ratio for pharmacy schools and the size of Louisiana does not place this state among the front runners. However, the two local schools of pharmacy draw the attention of thousands of potential pharmacists every year. The respective institutions are overcrowded whenever a schooling year begins, while the competition for a spot is extremely harsh. The two local schools are differentiated by a major aspect – the University of Louisiana at Monroe is public, the Xavier University of Louisiana is private.

From this point of view, the public institution draws more attention, but it also has a few times more students. While this can be a good and a bad aspect at the same time, one thing is for sure – both schools have an exquisite reputation and not only in Louisiana.

The average salary for a pharmacist in Louisiana floats around $94,000. Of course, salaries vary according to the positions. Transplant and mail order pharmacists can easily make two times more money. While the salary is attractive enough for every student, it is worth noting that local pharmacists used to earn around 30% more during the first semester of 2013.