Pharmacy schools are now among the most respected institutions in many developing countries of the world. Many students in their teens are already planning to enrol in pharmacy schools when they reach tertiary education. This is because of the good reputation professional health professionals have build banking on their role in the communities as health care providers.

Here are pharmacy schools career opportunities you should consider now if you wish to join the bandwagon of health care professionals all over the globe.

  • Pharmacist – This is one of the main career opportunities if you are a graduate in pharmacy schools. You can find many pharmacists in the communities doing the pharmacy business or in the distribution of generic and non-generic medicines.
  • Academic pharmacists – These are professional pharmacists that work in schools of pharmacy all over the globe. They work as teachers, public service, research and other positions in private and government schools.
  • Community pharmacists – They work in the communities and always get involved in the look out of the people’s welfare. They do the fieldworks in the communities visiting the houses of residents and conduct interviews on their health conditions.
  • Hospitals and other institutions – With the expanded health care need of the society, more and more pharmacists are now working in hospitals, and other institutions such as in nursing homes, health centers and many other health care institutions in many countries of the globe.
  • Pharmacy business – Other pharmacists who have the money to establish pharmacy stores have put their own business and you can usually find these businesses in communities. The distribution of medicines to people that need it is their line of work. This kind of business among pharmacists is very visible in all countries of the world.
  • Managed care pharmacy – This kind of work is common in the US. Managed care organizations (MCOs) in America are the ones employing pharmacy professionals in various capacities. In fact, there are over 130 million people in the US that are benefited by MCOs in 1995 according to a survey.
  • School pharmacists – There are also many pharmacists in the US and European countries that work in schools as official pharmacists. They are there in schools to help in the health care services of the school.