For those who may be interested in seeking out an education in the field of pharmacy in the state of Wisconsin, there are two universities that provide programs or colleges specializing in pharmacy. The two schools that provide colleges focusing on pharmacy studies are Concordia University Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Both are very fine schools that offer quality programs but the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers one of the finest programs in the country.

The School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin is ranked as one of the top five schools in the country year after year for the quality that they offer.

People who may be interested in a career as a pharmacist in the state of Wisconsin should know that the average salary for a pharmacist in Wisconsin is below that of the national average. In the latest statistics available, the average salary for a pharmacist in Wisconsin is $97,000.00 per year, a bit below the national average for that position. The average range is just an average and can be higher or lower depending on the job position, the company, the experience of the individual and other factors that may have an influence on the amount provided for the job.