The Southwestern Oklahoma State University from Weatherford hosts the one and only pharmacy school in the area. It is located in a natural and user friendly environment. It also has a natural campus in the rural area. It spreads over 73 acres.

The university opened its gates in 1901. Close to four decades later, the management has founded the college of pharmacy in 1939. It was immediately accredited due to the high quality standards maintained on site.

Oklahoma residents must pay between $173 and $212 per credit hour, while nonresidents have to pay $385 to $468. The PharmD program is the most expensive one, while its hourly rates are $477 or $900, depending on the residency. Housing costs start at $1,000 per semester and go up to $1,600. There are a lot of auxiliary services and fees to be paid too.

The university has fifteen accredited programs at a national level. No other university has such a good record in the United States of America. The pharmacy school is also said to be one of the most cost efficient ones.

A pre-pharmacy course is imperative before studying for the doctorate of pharmacy, which is a professional degree that can ensure a rewarding career in any part of the world.