Nebraska does not rank too well among the states with the highest average salaries for pharmacists, although it does have two top notch pharmacy schools that can make the difference.

Altogether, they support around 11,000 students every year. However, they are completely different one from another. While one institution is private, the other is public.

The Creighton University is the private pharmacy school of Nebraska.

It is slightly older than its competition and it still spreads over a wide urban campus of 132 acres. On the other hand, the University of Nebraska Medical Center is a public research institution. It only represents a small part of a very large public university that comprises of multiple schools.

While Nebraska has two major pharmacy schools that can ensure a decent workforce, the average salary for a pharmacist is way below the national average. Pharmacists can barely make $80,000 a year, which is around 20% less than what they can earn in other states. Mail order pharmacists are the most fortunate professionals because they might earn up to $186,000. However, when it comes to Esep MP OC or Riverbend pharmacists, they can barely get over $60,000 a year. Therefore, the position plays a very important role.