When it comes to pharmacy schools and superior education, Mississippi can only brag with one institution. While the University of Mississippi is world renowned and has multiple schools, only one of them teaches pharmacy. The institution is public and has been established in 1848. Its international students come from more than seventy different countries.

While the university is relatively old, the pharmacy school has been erected sixty years later, in 1908.

Back then, it was the first pharmacy school in the state. More than a hundred years later, the college has received a lot of different awards and a solid reputation all over the world. Besides, it is fully accredited as well.

The average salary for a pharmacist in Mississippi is higher than the nation average. Pharmacists make around $114,000 on a yearly basis. Obviously, there are huge discrepancies between one position and another, as well as the employer. An ID Sml pharmacist might earn up to $181,000, while a retail pharmacist makes $143,000. Overnight pharmacists do not make much more though, since they earn about $117,000. The good news is that salaries for pharmacists in Mississippi are growing on a regular basis. The trend has experienced a slight downfall in the second semester of 2013, but it has quickly recovered.