Minnesota is not really the largest state in the United States of America, so everything else around it is directly proportional with it.

While some states can easily brag with two, three or even more pharmacy schools, there is only one major institution that can prepare pharmacy aspirants for their upcoming ventures – the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota is fully accredited and world renowned.

This is practically the main reason where it is a front running institution in the state. When compared to other similar schools, it comprises of numerous sections and each of them carries the exact same quality standards. The university – as well as all of its faculties – is accredited and ensures a top notch education. Its diplomas are widely accepted in other countries as well.

Although there is only one pharmacy school in Minnesota, aspirants know that the average salary for a pharmacist is decent in this state – $95,000 a year. It clearly depends on the specialization and job. While an acute pharmacist can make up to $220,000 a year, an Esep MP pharmacist will range around $72,000 per year. The salary trends have adopted an ascending path over the past months though.