In the state of Indiana, those who may be seeking a degree in Pharmacy will find that there are three colleges available that offer the opportunity to become a pharmacist or a certified pharmacist technician. The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Butler University, Manchester University and Purdue University all provide programs and colleges of pharmacy so that people can earn degrees in the programs there. Any of these three schools can provide students with a top education in the sciences.

A pharmacist job in the state of Indiana ranks right near the national average for pharmacists’ salaries within the country today. One average, a pharmacist in Indiana has a salary of $105,000.00 per year. This salary is the average for the state, with naturally some being higher and some being lower dependent on location, experience and various other factors of the economy. Getting a quality education and degree in the pharmacy field can certainly have an affect on the type of job that can be obtained and the salary that can be earned both in the immediate and long-term.