The internet offers a tremendous archive of pharmacy school blogs. Blogs are a phenomenal tool to supplement pharmacy knowledge. Unlike reading primary literature, blog articles offer readers a reprieve from monotony. The articles are often fun to read and engaging. Better yet, they are informative! It can be taxing to read line after line of a published study. Let some one else do the boring stuff! Instead, trying reading from 18 of the best pharmacy school blogs!

Dynamic, Not Stagnant

Many students may run and hide at the thought of doing any more reading than what’s assigned in the classroom. After attending hours of lecture and reading hundreds of pages of text, who really wants to read any more?

It’s important to understand that the pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing! New drugs come on to the market every day. We are constantly learning of new ways to treat our patients. Furthermore, it’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of medicine. It’s not always fun, but it could save a patient’s life!

Pharmacy Blogs To Follow

One of the best pharmacy school blogs in America.

The American Pharmacists Association:

This is the best place to begin when looking for information online. This site is run by the APhA and contains a wealth of information. The website has links to information beneficial to all levels of pharmacy professionals. The site offers links to social media sites, making it easy to keep up with all available resources. Whether you’re a prospective student or a seasoned pharmacist, this site is a great resource!

just a few of the best pharmacy technician blogs in the usa

Med Ed 101:

Med Ed 101 is another amazing resource for those in the field. The website’s blog has a comprehensive list of topics and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. I love how the website is organized. Archives of different disease states and hot topics can be easily located and accessed. This site also has several resources designed to help students with the NAPLEX. Score!

Check out 18 high quality pharmacy blogs in the USA.

The Honest Apothecary:

The name speaks for itself on this one. A brief description of the site: “The Honest Apothecary is about the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy careers,  pharmacy-related interviews, and pretty much anything related to…well….pharmacy.” This site does a wonderful job of painting a realistic view of the profession. This is another blog to file away in the “must follow” section.

Other Pharmacy Blogs To Follow:

Here are a few other blogs to check out. The important take-away from any blog or website is to make sure it offers value. Explore these, and see if they can help you become a better professional!


Technicians Need Blogs Too

Pharmacists and pharmacy students aren’t the only ones who benefit from blogs. In addition to pharmacist and pharmacy school blogs, blogs for pharmacy technicians are a valuable resource! Pharmacy technicians are the unsung heroes of the pharmacy. The more they can help, the better!

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board:

The PTCB website is a valuable resource for pharmacy technicians. The site offers a great deal of information to pharmacy technicians. It also offers help on how to become certified pharmacy technician.


This website has a pharmacy technician blog called “Tech Talk”. Here, pharmacy technicians can access recent topics, ask questions, and even search for jobs.

Other Pharmacy Technician Blogs To Follow:

Pharmacy School Blogs For Students

Pharmacy school students can also benefit from blogs. Some of the best blogs for students are drug information blogs. Here are a few helpful resources!

These blogs are a great tool for students learning about drugs. They provide pertinent, accurate information on the drugs students will be learning about throughout their pharmacy school careers! These blogs present concise information, making it easier to learn!

Don’t Bring This Blog Home To Mom

One of the more popular pharmacy blogs in circulation is The Angry Pharmacist. This blog features anonymous posts from professionals in the field hallmarking the more difficult aspects of pharmacy. Be careful with this one! The Angry Pharmacist is enjoyable to read, but the posts are… well, let’s say brutally honest.

Get To The Bloggers

Pharmacy and pharmacy school blogs are a great ally for anyone looking to expand his or her pharmacy knowledge. Blogs make it easy to stay current and well informed via social media and newsletters. Pharmacist, pharmacy technician, and pharmacy school blogs provide great value to those in the pharmaceutical industry!