Within the state of Kansas, only the University of Kansas has a college of pharmacy that offers students the chance to get a degree to become a pharmacist or a certified pharmacy technician.

That being said, the college at the University of Kansas is noted to be one of the best in the country and is ranked among the top twenty-five pharmacy schools in the entire country. They offer fine facilities and are noted as one of the top research facilities in the world today.

Pharmacists that work within the state of Kansas can expect compensation that is just slightly below the national average for pharmacist wages. The average salary for a pharmacist in the state of Kansas for 2013 was $99,000.00, just a bit below the national average for the country. This average is of course dependent on the amount of experience of the individual, along with the position held and other factors that can influence a salary range up or down. The degree earned from the University of Kansas can certainly help to carry an individual to a fine salary when working in this field.